Are we becoming apathetic, oblivious of other people’s sufferings ?


few days back, I and my friends were standing outside a Mall fussing with the Taxi driver. Suddenly an old man holding on to a Scooter emerged from behind us and asked  us to help him by giving him 50 bucks as he needs to fill Petrol in his Scooter and he has got no money . He was looking really helpless and needy. I thought I should help him but my friends told me that I should not get into this as these people who ask for money like this are not genuine and this world is full of them . But what if he was really in a fix ? What if he genuinely needed some financial help? What if someone stole his wallet? What if ! No one would ever help him if everyone had the same notion like my friends. What are we heading to ? What in the world would have gone wrong if we have given him 50 bucks ? Sometimes people are really in atrocious conditions. We don’t care about spending our money recklessly when it comes to shopping or eating food in expensive restaurants but on the other hand when someone needs our help we can’t hand them a meager amount of 50 bucks. And by this I am not encouraging anyone to give money to beggars, that is totally a different story but yeah I would not stop myself from saying that, don’t give them money instead buy them food. But at this moment that is not the main issue I want to put light on. People are not always beggars if they ask for money. 

So next time you see someone who really needs help don’t hesitate from helping them. What if ,someday you find yourself trapped into this type of situation and no one tries to help you ? What will you do? So take a step forward and make this world a better place to live in for yourself and others .


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