A world without compassion

As I am writing , I am thinking about only one thing and that is lack of compassion in today’s world. People have become self-centred ,oblivious of their fellow person’s misery. They gain pleasure by inflicting pain on others- sadist they are called. I want to share few of my experiences which on some level proves that a person in this present world has become apathetic. These incidents are not some big acts of cruelty but small things that made me think a lot.

A few days back I asked my class mate if someone is sitting beside him on the empty seat because I needed a seat to sit on . He in a not so generous tone replied that “can’t you see no one is sitting here and I don’t require two seats to sit on” and smirked . I, after that didn’t say a word but felt a sting of pain in my heart. And the same thing happened again but this time the person was different. At that point in time I realized we live in a world where people don’t give a damn about anyone else but themselves.
Another thing that breaks my heart is when people who call each other friends, talk behind  each other’s back and say things that a friend will never ever think about let alone say it in front of others. My heart aches when I see, that, in a group of friends one friend is being targeted by others and is teased to his/her breaking point. What kind of friendship is this ? Is this is the meaning of friendship? If it is then I am not anyone’s friend. I always thought that friends don’t put you down rather they lift you up when you are feeling down. But it turns out be the other way around.

It kills me when I see people looking down upon a person who feels compassion for the poor or the underprivileged. I have seen people mocking the one who wants to or helped someone in need. My fellow mates do the same thing.

Yesterday my friend said something really insensitive which infuriated me. She said” how can someone come to college who has no friends. How she even survives.” For a moment I was silent but later I asked her “if she does not have any friends then she according to you must die? Maybe she likes being alone or she can’t relate to anyone. But that doesn’t mean she should leave the college and sit at home.” I felt terrible after realizing how shallow one can be.

What has the world come to ? These days people don’t even reply politely to the very basic questions one can ask. For instance “what is the time? ” they will not reply, instead they will show their watch to the concerned person or will point to a watch at a distance. I can give a lot of instances like this, but hey, we all are already aware of all of them . Aren’t we? And people think that they are invincible ,no one can do any harm to them but they are free to harass anyone they wish to.

I am not asking you to indulge in some social service but to patiently listen and understand what the other person is trying to say and if possible be generous and polite. It won’t cost you anything but it can make someone’s day.



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